Do You Need Help with Your Relationship?

Couples Relationship Coaching means:

  • Understanding loving relationships
  • Knowing how best to make the principles work for you and your partner.

Getting Immediate Help

If you are experiencing domestic violence (including threats to physical, psychological, or economic safety) please seek help immediately.

The Domestic Violence Helpline Queensland a list of support services that can provide assistance.

Would you like to Assess Your Relationship?

In a Relationship Assessment Dr Rebekah Doley takes couples through a professional and structured, private relationship assessment.

This involves:

  • A comprehensive online questionnaire covering:
    • Friendship
    • Intimacy
    • How well you know your partner
    • How you manage emotions and conflict
    • How you share your values and goals
    • What gives meaning to your lives.
    • Additional questions about:
      • Parenting
      • Housework
      • Finances
      • Trust
      • Individual areas of concern.
  • A clinical interview with each partner
  • A joint feedback session to explore strengths and areas for improvement in your relationship.

The confidential, online assessment will give you a profile of specific strengths and challenges in your relationship.

It also suggests practical and proven recommendations for therapy.

It’s a good idea to complete the Relationship Assessment together before going on to couples coaching or related workshops.

This may help you to be clear about why you’re attending.

It could also help you focus your energy on developing the knowledge, skills and strategies that mean the most to you now.


Couples Relationship Counselling

Your Couples Relationship Counselling program with Rebekah may include:

  • Couples counselling over a period of weeks
  • An intensive couples’ intervention (sessions of at least 2 hours).
  • Other treatment alternatives, e.g. participating in group therapy.

Couples Relationship Counselling works best if you both go through the program together.

If you want to see Rebekah on your own, your psychology session may be eligible for Medicare rebates applied to individual psychology services.


Appointments are normally held at located in Robina, on the Gold Coast, however other arrangements can be made in certain circumstances.

Rebekah will tailor a special relationship counselling program to suit you as a couple. This involves:

  • Discussing your concerns about your relationship
  • Assessing how urgently you need help
  • Outlining all the options for relationship therapy

Medicare Rebates

For Couples

Under the current Australian federally-funded Better Access scheme, joint couples’ sessions are not eligible for Medicare rebates.

For Individuals

Where individual members of the couple are experiencing psychological symptoms consistent with an eligible mental health disorder, psychological treatment to address these specific concerns can be provided in individual sessions.

These individual sessions may be eligible for rebate with an appropriate Mental Health Treatment Plan in place (discuss your individual situation with your referring General Practitioner).