Pivotal Program

for people looking towards retirement or semi-retirement

Effective Resolution

for people/couples invested in a positive resolution outcome

Mastering Change

for people seeking to recalibrate, test and adjust following major life changes

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Understanding Relationships: for people seeking to understand how human relationships work

Longevity in Love

Nourishing the Couple: for people who value their ‘couple bubble’.

New Arrivals

Bringing Baby Home: for parents who are about to bring home a new baby as a first child or as a new addition to an existing sibling arrangement.

Programs & Workshops

All Doley Psychology Services’ programs can be privately booked for your business and are run as public seminars. Contact Doley Psychology Services if you require further information about any other programs for your business.

Discounts are available on group bookings of ten or more places for most programs.

One to One collaboration

All Doley Psychology Programs are supported by research into the psychosocial impact of significant life events on individuals and their families. Some people prefer to explore this process in private consultations, either in addition to the group workshop or instead of. Individual consultations are offered and tailored to suit your needs. If this is an aspect you would like to explore further, contact Doley Psychology Services for further information on professional fees and availability.

Continuous Personal Growth (CPG) Seminar Series

CPG workshops and seminars offer the opportunity to develop greater insight into practical strategies to meet new challenges with enthusiasm, confidence, equanimity and focus.

Increasingly, self-determined individuals are recognising that success and prosperity in life requires a wider focus than job trajectory. With the advancement of technology, including AI, the smart money is on developing those skills that are unique to managing the challenges in the journey of life.

The Doley Psychology CPG Seminar Series offers opportunities to strengthen and refine wisdom, intellectual perception and knowledge through seminars and half day workshops focusing on challenges common to the human endeavour.

These programs are for people interested in a straightforward, no-frills approach to maximising opportunities for personal contentment, optimising strategies for well-being and happiness, and developing core life skills for overcoming adversity with grace and humour. Each CPG seminar offers an effective approach to ‘clearing the decks’ to put you in the best position to create a fulfilling life with enthusiasm and confidence.

Who is your presenter?


Dr Rebekah Doley

  • Is an experienced clinical psychologist with a background in military, clinical, forensic and organisational psychology.
  • Has had her own private practice for over 25 years and her work has achieved domestic and international acclaim.
  • Also has a law degree and is an accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner.


Rebekah’s skills-based approach is a unique mix of psychological theory, decades of client consultations and deep knowledge work.