Pivotal Program

For people looking towards retirement or semi-retirement

For many, a permanent change to work routine, such as reducing from full-time employment to part-time or retirement, brings in the long-awaited lifestyle change and rewards for all those years of hard work; yet sometimes we are left with a feeling of disappointment.

Over one intensive session of professional skills training, knowledge sharing and evidence-based strategies, you will discover the secret to being adaptable and adjusting to major life change involving a reduction in paid employment / semi-retirement / retirement. The outcome will be greater clarity around your purpose for the next phase of your life, future goals and development of practical strategies which can be implemented immediately to help you manage the change process.

The Pivotal Program is for anyone who is confronting a permanent career change or downshift in their paid work schedule seeks greater optimism and clarity in their vision of the future.

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Who is your presenter?


Dr Rebekah Doley is an experienced clinical psychologist with a background in military, clinical, forensic and organisational psychology. Rebekah has had her own private practice for over 25 years and her work has achieved domestic and international acclaim. As well as a background in psychology, she has a law degree and is an accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner.

Rebekah directs her expertise into helping people make sense of transitional points in their lives. Her skills-based approach is a unique mix of psychological theory and skill development, decades of client consultations and deep knowledge work.

Rebekah’s passion is to help her clients develop inner strength, wisdom and courage to live a focused life. Her purpose is to help others diminish their suffering and move towards a value-driven life that leads them to contentment, compassion and a sense of belonging.

A core focus of Rebekah’s professional practice is on helping people to adjust successfully to challenges of key transitions faced throughout the life span.

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