Members' Exclusive Resources

Resources to help educate and heal, chosen specifically to support past and current clients in their odyssey of life fulfilment and purpose.

Along with special offerings on DPS products and services, a compilation of helpful and informative material is provided exclusively to DPS Members.

  • What to know more about love and sex? Check out our Relational resources
  • Interested in exploring who you really are, when you are not being mum, dad, co-worker, boss, lover, friend, and so on? Look at the offerings under Continuous Personal Growth
  • What would it mean to you to make New Year’s resolutions that you actually stick to this year? Look for inspiration in our Turning Intention to Action resources
  • Searching for the meaning of life? (here’s a hint: it is NOT the number 42!) Scroll down to Life’s Deeper Meaning for some thought provoking reading

We explore these and more issues, updating resources regularly; offering future clients of a 'taste' of the significance and pragmatism behind the intensive model DPS professionals use to help people shift from 'stuckness' in their life.

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