Alternative Dispute Resolution - for private or commercial disputes

The role of the mediator is to facilitate parties in settling a dispute that they have been unable to resolve without such assistance.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers you the opportunity to reach a resolution to stuck conflict, without recourse to an arbitrator or the courts. Doley Psychology Services offers a professional, neutral, independent third party to assist in resolving conflict.

Dr Doley is a nationally accredited mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution and is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Her role is to facilitate, but not impose, the formation of a solution to the dispute which is mutually agreed by the parties involved. Mediation offers a confidential process that is controlled by the disputing parties, rather than by an appointed arbitrator or judge.

Mediation can be a cheaper and more time effective solution for disputes to be resolved.

Dr Doley offers mediation services for private and commercial dispute management, including resolution of:

  • Family disputes relating to separation, divorce, parenting, and inheritance or guardian matters
  • Contractual negotiations
  • Conflicts in the workplace; human resource concerns
  • Customer and supplier disputes

Dr Doley is able to provide professional, impartial assistance in negotiating family, civil, administrative and personal disputes, including assisting with negotiating property settlements post-separation.

Mediation can also be used as an HR tool

Dr Doley can help employees, HR specialists and employers effectively resolve interpersonal disputes in the workplace, helping to ensure all parties involved in the dispute perceive the resolution process to be equitable and fair in order to achieve a sustainable and effective outcome that is equally acceptable to all involved.

Family Dispute Resolution - focusing on co-parenting matters

Separation and/or divorce is painful, often messy and frequently emotionally challenging for everyone involved - especially for the children. Putting the needs of your children first is a priority when it comes to deciding on co-parenting arrangements. Sometimes, in the aftermath of a relationship break-down, you can struggle to achieve effective communication with each other around child-related issues.

Mediation is now firmly situated in Australia’s family law system as a first resort for family dispute resolution. It’s a practical, less stressful and more affordable way for parents and/or carers to agree on arrangements for their children. Parents who want to maximize positive outcomes for their children will often seek mediation services to help them create and sustain effective co-parenting arrangements.

Dr Doley can help you discuss issues, look at options and put in place practical, sustainable and mutually satisfactory arrangements to support your child’s ongoing well-being and happiness.

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Effective Resolution Skills

For people invested in a positive mediation / dispute resolution outcome

Getting stuck in conflict is never pretty and rarely ends well. Informed people understand that resorting to legal recourse to resolve a dispute should always be the last option. This is because once a matter goes before the court a significant degree of control over the outcome has been sacrificed by both parties – ultimately, the court decides, not the disputants. The smart investment is often in pursuing a negotiated conclusion to the dispute, which both parties can live with.

If you find yourself in a ‘stuck’ position in a conflict situation and want to advance the likelihood of an efficient and satisfactory outcome to the dispute process, you will see the benefit of investing in upskilling for successful mediation.

Effective Resolution is for anyone who is about to engage in mediation to resolve a commercial, family, or civil dispute and who wants to optimise the likelihood of a satisfactory outcome.

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