Longevity in Love – Nourishing the Couple

For people who value their ‘couple bubble’ and are interested in keeping the freshness in love

We are confronting an age where maintaining a safe ‘couple bubble’ feels increasingly challenging against a cacophony of distrust, relationship failures, and love diversions. Getting ahead of the curve in ensuring your romantic relationship remains strong, enriching and relevant is one of the antidotes to chronic relationship conflict.

Longevity in Love challenges you to change the way you think about love by exploring the art and science of durability in romance.

This workshop is for people who value their relationship and want to invest in its long-term growth and well-being. The value of participation comes from developing a deeper understanding of what makes couples ‘tick’, how to cherish and protect the bonds between you, and practical strategies to strengthen a passionate connection through the busy-ness of life.

Contact Doley Psychology Services to secure your attendance at this enriching and practical seminar and make an investment in relationship’s future well-being.

Who is your presenter?


Dr Rebekah Doley

  • Is an experienced clinical psychologist with a background in military, clinical, forensic and organisational psychology.
  • Has had her own private practice for over 25 years and her work has achieved domestic and international acclaim.
  • Also has a law degree and is an accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner.


Rebekah’s skills-based approach is a unique mix of psychological theory, decades of client consultations and deep knowledge work.