Doley Psychology Services offers forensic psychology services to individuals, couples and families likely to be impacted by legal proceedings.

Medico-Legal Reports

Doley Psychology Services provides medico-legal reports, offering individuals and families independent psychological assessment for medico-legal and related court matters. This includes capacity, pre-sentence, parenting and child-focused assessments, as well as risk assessment.

Risk Management for Corporations

Doley Psychology Services also provides leaders in the commercial or public sector with clear and focused strategies to mitigate risks associated with criminal behaviour including fraud, counter-productive work behaviour, corporate psychopathy and serial offences including arson and theft.

The application of Dr Doley’s 25 years of experience in the real-world application of clinical and forensic psychological theory and skills to issues around crime prevention, offender management, risk assessment and treatment are particularly relevant to those corporations and agencies seeking to reduce vulnerability to crime.

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