Do You Dance Like an Idiot?
Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst

Do You Dance Like an Idiot?

A recent article in ”The Book of Life”* says dancing like an idiot shouldn’t be a risk: it’s the point!Dancing is one of the most essential and feel-good activities we…

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Free Yourself

As adults we tend not to deeply explore our unique needs and what we really want out of life. So how do we free ourselves? Here’s an interesting take in…

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Check Your Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is about the interaction of three core systems – Threat, Drive and Safety. The Threat system helps us to detect and respond to things in our world that we…

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Leaning In To Vulnerability

When we feel scared, sad, anxious or lonely, the last thing many of us would think of doing is confessing to our distress or insecurity. As social creatures, programmed to…

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