Free Yourself

As adults we tend not to deeply explore our unique needs and what we really want out of life. So how do we free ourselves? Here’s an interesting take in…

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What Your Childhood Can Teach You

As children, we go to school, study our subjects, learn our lessons, do our homework… all so that we are – supposedly – equipped for a successful adult life. One…

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Your level of “planfulness” could determine how often you visit the gym… and achieve other goals. ^Matthew Warren from BPS Research Digest offers this insight: Planfulness refers to the extent…

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Five Signs of Emotional Immaturity

Emotionally immature people can be charming and even fun to be around. Dealing with them long-term, however, can be tricky and demoralising as we slowly realise we are not in…

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Younger Self Advice

First systematic study of the advice people would give to their younger selvesIf you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self? It’s a…

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Learning How To Be Angry

​Learning How to be AngryIt’s not about yelling or throwing tantrums or refusing to compromise. It’s about speaking up in a firm dignified way to express our frustration or disagreement…

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Goal Setting for Success

I have been looking into the latest science behind setting sustainable goals; goals that are achieved are goals worth setting. The research finds that when we link our intentions to an emotionally salient goal, we are more likely to do what is required to achieve them.

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The Psychology of Comfort Eating
Photo by Rachel Park on Unsplash

The Psychology of Comfort Eating

Do you understand what role food plays in your life? Do you feel that you can’t control what you eat, how much you eat, and when to eat? You can change your relationship with food!

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