Thriving in Uncertain Times
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Thriving in Uncertain Times

What can I tell you that you haven’t yet heard about how to thrive in these uncertain times? Is it even possible or are we simply reduced to survival? We…

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Buy Less Stuff and Be Happier

A recent study shows that people who try to be environmentally friendly by buying less stuff are happier. *Emily Reynolds from BPS Research Digest explains.Our growing focus on environmental sustainability…

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Free Yourself

As adults we tend not to deeply explore our unique needs and what we really want out of life. So how do we free ourselves? Here’s an interesting take in…

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Goal Setting for Success

I have been looking into the latest science behind setting sustainable goals; goals that are achieved are goals worth setting. The research finds that when we link our intentions to an emotionally salient goal, we are more likely to do what is required to achieve them.

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Cultivating Mindfulness through Yoga & Qigong practice

Both Yoga and qigong take us on an inward journey with the aim to integrate from our periphery, the body, and progress through the mind and intelligence into the centre of our being, with the intention of becoming whole through self-realization.

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Life’s Deeper Meaning

CPG, as with CPD (continuous professional development), is how insightful people maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, to develop the personal qualities required to live a life well lived, on purpose.

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