Sleep Strategies in Uncertain Times
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Sleep Strategies in Uncertain Times

Work on improving the quality of your sleep with these strategies from Dr Bek…The importance of quality sleep has been touted regularly as part of the elixir of a contented…

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Thriving in Uncertain Times
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Thriving in Uncertain Times

What can I tell you that you haven’t yet heard about how to thrive in these uncertain times? Is it even possible or are we simply reduced to survival? We…

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Recovery After Trauma
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Recovery After Trauma

In the aftermath of the fire season, focus is on recovery and future-proofing for future catastrophes. With all the disasters and traumatic events unfolding around us, you could be forgiven…

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Adversity and Compassion

Compassion has been the subject of numerous studies, many with a common theme of “numeracy bias” or “psychic numbing”. This means that while we may feel compassion towards a single…

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Firesetting: Understanding and Prevention

During the recent Australian bushfire crisis there has been significant misinformation in the media about how acts of arson have contributed to the disaster. In psychology, when we look at…

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Jump into Enhanced Cognition

Are you thinking straight as you bungee jump off that bridge? Or are you impaired by your intense emotions and physiological arousal? Psychological theory says it’s natural for anxiety to…

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A New Look at Adolescent Popularity

Past research into adolescent popularity tells us that there are two types of popular teenager: the aggressive teen, who is more likely to be coercive or hostile in seeking popularity;…

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Buy Less Stuff and Be Happier

A recent study shows that people who try to be environmentally friendly by buying less stuff are happier. *Emily Reynolds from BPS Research Digest explains.Our growing focus on environmental sustainability…

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Rupture and Repair in Relationships

Developing and maintaining healthy relationships is a cornerstone of my approach to helping people increase their contentment, compassion and a sense of belonging. A recent article in *“The Book of…

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