Younger Self Advice

First systematic study of the advice people would give to their younger selvesIf you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self? It’s a…

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Learning How To Be Angry

​Learning How to be AngryIt’s not about yelling or throwing tantrums or refusing to compromise. It’s about speaking up in a firm dignified way to express our frustration or disagreement…

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The Benefits of Insecurity In Love

The Benefits of Insecurity in LoveFrom The Book of Life*Insecurity sounds unromantic but, paradoxically, it can lead us into the possibility of appreciating why we remain together and thereby avoiding…

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The Hard Work of Being ‘Lazy’

From The School of Life, London comes this (welcome) perspective on so-called laziness.You’re feeling resolutely “lazy”, unable or unwilling to do the things you “should” be doing. All you want to…

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Derailment and Depression

Most of us feel a thread of inner continuity as we move through stages of our lives and experience change. Indeed, there is evidence that this stable, constant sense of…

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