Dr Rebekah Doley’s career began in Organisational Psychology where she gained experience in:

• Recruitment
• Selection
• Training
• Personnel development
• Project management

Rebekah then trained in Clinical Psychology, later expanding into Forensic Psychology to specialise in criminal behaviour analysis and the psychology of deliberate fire-setting. She has also consulted nationally and overseas on the issue of serial arson and its management in communities.

Rebekah’s experience covers a range of community-based clinical and forensic psychology services. She works on general mental health and well-being issues with individuals and couples, as well as with aged care facilities in training staff, carers and residents.

Rebekah also coordinated the Australian Defence Force National Suicide Prevention Program for several years. She developed associated peer-support training for Command and other personnel in Navy, Army and Air Force.

For 20 years as a military psychologist, Rebekah provided a range of:
• Clinical and assessment services
• Policy development
• Research and project management
• Advising command
• Delivering debriefings for military and associated personnel.

Rebekah is an inspirational keynote speaker with lecture tours in NZ, UK, USA, and regular keynote addresses at domestic and international academic and industry conferences.

Her professional commentary is widely sought after by national and international media for her subject-matter expertise.

Dr Rebekah Doley adheres to the strict standards set and monitored by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) in the APS Code of Ethics and the APS Charter for Clients.