Forensic (Legal) Psychology

Forensic Assessment Services

Doley Psychology Services provides forensic psychology services to individuals, couples and families likely to be impacted by legal proceedings. These services are either rehabilitation or prevention oriented. In addition to providing advice to lawyers and investigators, Doley Psychology Services offers independent assessment for perpetrators, victims of crime, and the judiciary.

The application of psychological theory and skills to issues around crime prevention, offender management, risk assessment, and treatment are also relevant to those corporations and agencies seeking to reduce vulnerability to crime.

Medico-Legal Reports


Doley Psychology Services applies reduction of medico-legal reports, providing individuals and families with independent psychological assessment for medico-legal and related court matters. This includes capacity, pre-sentence, parenting and child-focused assessments, and risk assessment.

Risk Management for Corporations


Doley Psychology Services also provides leaders in the commercial or public sector with clear, focused strategies to mitigate risks associated with criminal behavior, including fraud, counter-productive work behaviour, corporate psychopathy, and serial offences including arson and theft.