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Alternative Dispute Resolution

The last 50 years has seen an explosion in the application of mediation to almost every arena of interpersonal dispute in our lives. The role of the mediator is to facilitate parties in settling a dispute that they have been unable to resolve without such assistance.

Associated with the role is a responsibility to maximise an individual’s ability to effectively participate in the decision making process. This includes supporting procedural fairness where equality and balance in the parties’ contributions to the process is expected. This is particularly important when a dispute has developed into a matter that seems intractable and resolution by other means has been unsuccessful. At this stage it is essential that all parties involved in the dispute perceive the resolution process to be equitable and fair in order to achieve a sustainable and effective outcome that is mutually satisfactory to all involved.

Alternative dispute resolution offers parties with a dispute the opportunity to reach resolution without recourse to an arbitrator or the courts. Doley Psychology Services offers a professional, neutral, independent third party,to assist in resolving conflict between individuals, individuals and organisations/employers, families, and in corporate negotiations. Our role is to facilitate, but not impose, the formation of a solution to the dispute which is mutually agreed by the parties involved. Mediation offers a confidential process that is controlled by the disputing parties, rather than by an appointed arbitrator or judge. Generally mediation is a cheaper and more time effective solution for disputes to be resolved effectively.

Dr Rebekah Doley is a nationally accredited mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution and is currently completing her accreditation in Family Dispute Resolution.

Doley Psychology Services offers mediation services for private and commercial dispute management, including resolution of:

Family Based Disputes

Contractual Negotiations

Conflicts in the Workplace

Customer Service Issues

Information about mediation and its potential benefits as an alternative pathway to the adversarial (court based) approach to resolution of private and commercial conflicts is available at and